Tuesday, March 3


So, it's been one month since Parker graced us with her presence and WOW has it been a crazy adventure...to say the least! I am now just getting the hang of waking up every few hours to feed her at night and yes it has to be me since I am breast feeding. Parker started out in this world a very sleepy and calm baby and every day has become more and more alert to her surroundings. She just LOVES to stare at bright lights! At first she thought that being awake from 2am to 7am was the way to go...we fixed that real quick! She now has been going to bed around 10pm and wakes up every 3-4 hours to feed till about 10am when she's up for a good part of the day. Each day she is more wonderful than the last and I can't wait for what the next few months hold for us!

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