Wednesday, January 21

& version

Every morning as I get ready for the day, I read a blog of a very talented artist by the name of Kal Barteski. She is my inspiration for design and life. She also happens to be a week behind me in pregnancy and today had a post that hit me in a wonderful and somewhat scary way. To read: Kal's blog Along with her post she has several pictures truly captures the moment of pregnancy in a real way...not glorified and dreamy as you see everywhere else. This has inspired me to do the same. So here is my attempt at self-pregnancy portraits at 38 1/2 weeks.

Thursday, January 15

Jewelry With Love

I am finished with another site:!
Sara is a jewelry maker that specializes in hand-stamped silver. She has georgeous designs and was wonderful to work with. She is still working on a few more products but check out her site!

Wednesday, January 7

Tweet Tweet

I am now on Twitter!
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So, even though I'm a fatty with a double chin in this is the latest and biggest BABY BUMP at 36 weeks baking:

Saturday, January 3

Time Flys!

Well, I know it's been a while since my last post...the time has just slipped away from me. With trying to get ready for the baby, the holidays, and the amount of work that I have gotten through the studio, I have been going going going.

So, I should start out with an update on my "problem" i was having with the baby. It turns out that I DON'T have any abruption, that it's just expanding bones that just hurt like no other! So all is good in the baby hood. I now have exactly 4 weeks till I'm due and have started having Braxton hicks contractions that are beginning to hurt and come more frequently. So, hopefully she is here a little earlier than her due date. But not tooo early...she can still be a premie at this point.

I almost forgot...Happy New Year!
Wow! This year has been a whirlwind of emotions and happenings. Here is a little timeline of my life in the past year:
I graduated from college
Got engaged
Found out I was pregnant
Moved 2 states away (from Texas) to Colorado
Started a "real" job
Got Married (Oct 2nd)!
Became a NAVY WIFE!
Lost my grandfather.
and started a business...

Whew..It wares me out just thinking about all that has happened in the past year, but makes me excited about what 2009 will bring and what NEW changes will take place. Just to name a couple: Have a BABY, Move to CHICAGO!(Keith's Navy Schooling for 2 years)

New things in store for Sweet Pea Design Studio...more detail later. I've probably bored you by now.

So, Happy 2009!