Tuesday, November 18

The holiday's are a coming...get ready!

The holiday's are just around the corner (which that also means I'm going to have this baby just around the corner) So why not spruce up your online shop with my Holiday Shoppe Template? It's fun & full of holiday cheer!
Check it out:

Tis the season!

Saturday, November 15

Music and Bagels

Last night Keith and I went down to Denver to watch this lovely woman and her very talented friends. So, even after all the effort of leaving early from work and eating gross burger king...when we first got there the was a line two blocks down from the entrance of the Gothic Theater. We stood in line for about 20-30 mins and I thought my nose was going to fall off! After getting in we tried looking for a seat and low and behold a theater doesn't necessarily mean theater seating...there were only bar stools and none were available...until some nice man gave up his seat so that my big pregnant ass can sit down. Thank You kind man! All of that trouble was well worth it. The first two performers were David Ford and Newton Faulkner they were incredible! So, as I was about to fall asleep on my bar stool (my bed time is around 9:30 and it was pushing 9:45-sad I know) Ingrid came out and revived me. She played all of my favorite songs including Overboard. I just love a funny girl with a guitar. So anyhoo that was our adventure of the month. Check out these artists they need some well deserved recognition!

I wish we had an Einstein's Bagels in Ft. Collins...yummy breakfast food!

*Oh, and a special THANK YOU to Ben for the use of your very comfortable bed for the evening! and...please don't kill my husband on the mountain :)

Wednesday, November 12

Sneak Peak

So I have a few sites that are in progress and I just can't help myself and give you a sneak peak at one that I totally adore. This is a site for Gabrielle in Denver. She is starting her own business as an officiant for weddings. She has a modern and trendy attitude so she wanted her site to convey that. She also wanted something that was elegant and professional looking. I think it's going to bring her lots of new clients!

Sunday, November 9

Change IS good

So in lite of the whole "change" movement brought on by politics. I have re-designed my website (and matching blog) as well as re-vamped my service offerings. I'm excited for the change and think it will be a great new start! Let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback...the good and the bad.

Tuesday, November 4


Did you? Make you voice heard and change the future! Can you tell who I'm for? This was my first time to actually get to vote. The first time, I was 6 hours away from where I was registered so I didn't vote. This time, I got to mail in my vote so here's to the future! *Good Luck tonight Ronnie (he will be a Barack's party in Chicago taking pictures with his fancy press pass!)