Wednesday, October 29

The Windy City

This past week Keith and I want to Chicago to visit some of his family that he hasn't seen in about 6 or 7 years. We had a blast! We went to the city a couple of times. The first time was at night and we went to millennium park to see "the bean". The second time around we went to the Water Tower Mall and went back to "the bean" in the daytime to get some better pictures. We stayed with Keith's Aunt and Uncle with a total of 11 people and 3 dogs staying at the house! Talk about chaotic. Despite the chaos, I enjoyed a week off of work and am excited to have finally met that part of his family. Plus they had their first SNOW the night before we left! How crazy is that? Well, probably not too crazy but it is to me...a Texas raised girl.

Here is a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip:

This Week: Back to work. I have Scott's website to finish, A logo for the lovely gals at Pickles & Popcorn Designs, and an Informational website for a very trendy wedding officiant from Denver.

Monday, October 20

Work in progress

So this week I have been working on a very fun website for Scott Hahn with his business Hahn Creations. He is a very talented artist who paints, draws, and sculpts. He even does mock up of toy designs. With his project we are putting together a flash photo gallery to showcase different categories of his work. I am having a really fun time working on his website and it's turning out to be a really unique design! I will update with a live site link as soon as we are finished.


Sunday, October 5

A whole lotta love

October 2nd, 2008. Our "wedding" day. Keith and I choose to go ahead and get married before baby Parker came. We picked this particular day because it is our 4 year anniversary. This day meant a lot to us and so having it as our wedding day, it will stay that way. To make it more special, we went up to the mountains this weekend and said our vows to each other. Alone. It was so romantic and very personal! Nothing a huge wedding would have been. Now, don't get me wrong...we are still going to have the big white wedding, just in two years...October 2, 2010. (it falls on a Sat!) Love is in the air at the Kreml house.